​My name is Laura Hermance. I am a NES Animal Technician, and I am so excited to introduce the NES Animal program to our area!

I grew up in Grand Island, Nebraska raising and showing horses, along with having many cats and dogs as pets.  

My life experiences have led me to live in Lincoln, Nebraska working at a wonderful veterinary clinic, as well as moving to California partnering in a sales and marketing business.  My desire to be near my family has brought me back home to Nebraska, where I am enjoying "The Good Life."

I have always had a love for animals, so my desire to work in this field and provide another avenue to help our pets has been a wonderful opportunity.  I was introduced to NES Human System while working with Health Coach Keri Francl, BCHN.  I was searching for answers to my own health issues and am happy to report that I had great success in changing my health!  

While working with Keri, I was introduced to the Animal WellNES System, which came at a time I was seeking an alternative route to helping my thirteen year old cat diagnosed with kidney failure.  When we first started, I knew that she was acting abnormally which is generally a sign that her kidney issues were flaring up.  During the first month of therapy, she started acting her normal self and had more energy than she had displayed for quite some time.  Since then, her appetite has increased, her intake of water is normal, her personality is content and happy.  

I look forward to helping you and your animals live the best life that they can!  

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Laura Hermance