Hi! My name is Keri Francl.  My road to optimal health has been a long journey.  As early as age five, I had ongoing ear infections, along with sinus infections and tonsillitis.  After a tonsillectomy, the basic issue was fixed; however, because of inflammation in my body, I began to struggle over the next twenty to twenty-five years with ongoing digestive issues and hormone imbalances.  In my twenties, I had severe allergies, to the point, where I couldn’t even go outside and smell the grass!  By age twenty-seven, I had my fourth child.  My body was weak and I had exhausted my immune system. 

 In middle school, I began to occasionally work with nutrition for my health, at the discretion of my parents.  When I was married at age twenty, I was introduced to homeopathic remedies, herbs, along with nutrition such as vitamins and minerals, through my mother-in-law.  I began to learn all that I could from her and use this form of natural healing.  Through my healing adventure, and helping others, I have learned a lot about these nutritional avenues of health.  I have also learned how to boost my immune system, ultimately healing allergies as well as balancing my hormonal levels. 

 Why am I passionate about full body health?  Because I know that the path to both weight loss and optimal health is all about eating right, proper exercise, detoxification, and nutrition.

In 2012, I made the decision to go back to school.  I enrolled at the University of Natural Medicine.  Three years later, I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Natural Health Science.   I obtained my Board Certification in Holistic Nutrition.  Through my schooling, I learned all about the foods that can benefit the body with proper nutrition and what foods are harmful in breaking the bodies immune system down.  I also learned about detoxification and how to help the body detoxify while building the immune system and how specific nutrition can help aid the body in the healing process.  

Along with my schooling, I have twenty years of experience with homeopathic remedys, herbals, and nutritional supplements.  I am also certified in Clinical Kinesiology.  This type of testing is muscle testing, a form of biofeedback.  Using specific biofeedback procedures, this biofeedback system allows us to communicate directly with the body's bio-feedback computer on different levels such as the structural, emotional and nutritional level.  

  I am dedicated to your success in health! Whether you want to lose weight, increase energy levels, or reduce symptoms from a chronic condition.  Your life can change when you know the “why” and underlying causes for your health concerns.

 Areas of support that I provide are:

1)      Nutritional counseling for common health issues such as allergies, low energy, stress/anxiety and depression, gastrointestinal disorders (IBS, Celiac, etc.).
2)      Nutritional counseling for elimination diets and optimal health for disease prevention.
3)      Specialized consultation in vitamins, remedies, and herbal supplementation, restorative and toxin “flush,” support of the endocrine system, and immune system support.
4)      Encouragement and mindset coaching when you feel like you have tried everything and are unable to experience success.
5)      Full body scan with therapy to bring balance to your body for healing.

Call me today to begin your journey of optimal health!  We will start with a health analysis and from there, I will determine what your body needs for nutrition and supplementation.  Using Clinical Kinesiology will help to pinpoint which areas of the body need the most attention for health and well being.  

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Keri Francl

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