Optimal Health Testing is the first step in getting your health back. The body stores many toxins due to an overload from everything we live, eat, and breathe. When this happens the body gets overwhelmed and starts to develop many health conditions. Keeping a clean system helps keep the body balanced. A balanced body is a healthy body.


Toxins can disrupt the body causing some of these health conditions:


Weight Gain

Joint Pain

Difficulty Concentrating


Muscle Aches and Pains

Skin reactions


Food Cravings

Water Retention


What is Optimal Health Testing?

During your FREE one hour consultation we will begin to figure out what area in your body needs attention. After taking an in-depth health intake, we will find the best way to get that accurate information. We can do a panel on your hair that will tell us what mineral and vitamin levels are low or high. Having one level off balance will affect other areas of the body leading to health conditions. Over time these will set into chronic health conditions and life-long medications. We also can take a picture of your eye to see where your health is heading. Your eye can tell us what area previous generations have suffered and the area you need to start detoxing. Knowing where your health is going will help you get ahead of the game and can change the outcome of your future health.

One flat fee of $150 for the Optimal Health Test and a 30 minute follow-up appointment


Clinical Kinesiology

This is a type of muscle testing that tests the emotional, structural and nutritional state within the body. If the body is well hydrated it only takes a few minutes to find areas of weakness. Having all three areas balanced leads to a healthy body.

$30 per Half Hour

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