Fertility Coaching is the first step in getting your health where it needs to be before you and your partner conceive. In today’s society we are always on the go and in turn make poor choices. These choices actually can affect egg quality and sperm motility. I work with the COUPLE, not just the woman. Men have just as much say in creating a healthy baby as does a woman. Whether you have been trying for years to conceive or are just wanting to get into good health before even trying to conceive, I can help.


How you to get started?

During your FREE one hour consultation we will begin to figure out what exactly you are looking to achieve. Are you looking for…


Preconception Health: A 12 week program that will cleanse, detox, and start to change your lifestyle habits that are disrupting your fertility health.


Pregnancy Health: A program built around all 3 trimesters that will keep you from falling back to bad habits with your unusual cravings, set a healthy lifestyle for the baby with picking better foods and lowering your stress levels, as well as building a strong relationship foundation before baby even arrives.


Post-Pregnancy Health: A 12 week program that will help during those first tough weeks of parenthood, getting those hormones back under control, and getting your bodies back to its’ optimal health.


After choosing one, two, or all of the three we will tailor a program to you based on your fertility needs. Give me a call today to get started!


Appointments will be 30 minutes with a cost of $30 per visit.


Contact Jamie to set up your FREE one hour consultation at Angie Rose Health Coaching at 308.850.2419 or me personally at 308.370.7754