Live Well faith based Life Coaching

My Live Well Life Coaching program is offered to clients who are looking to improve their lives by addressing specific personal conditions that are blocking them from transitioning to the lives they want to live.  We do this by discovering what obstacles or challenges might be hindering or stopping you from moving forward.  We work on choosing a course of action to make your life what you want it to be.  As your Life Coach, I will be there to listen, support, motivate, provide accountability, help you to move toward your goals and make changes in your life.

Have you been wanting to:

  • Move on from your past and not feel pain?
  • Let go of grudges, hurts, and negative thinking?
  • Make changes in how you respond to circumstances in the future?
  • Look at life through a different set of eyes?

Your program will include the following to help you achieve a greater life:

  • One 30 minute session a week with personal coaching
  • A weekly topic that will help you work through hurts, pain and your past
  • Accountability and Support
  • Setting Goals to help you move toward your new mindset and life.

I offer a one hour free consultation with me to see if what I offer will work for you. Visit the contact me page and fill out the form or call today at 308-850-2419 to set up your appointment.

Learn the keys to healthy living
Work on your outer beauty
Find your inner beauty